Vision Statement

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Urban Presbyterians Together (UPT) is a coalition of Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations located in Rochester, NY. Our goal is to better equip each other to do community-service work in the urban areas of the city. The congregations are committed to collegiality, mutual support, and collaborative community-service work.

UPT is open to partnership with any faith community or organization engaged in community-service work in the urban areas of Rochester. It's immaterial where the faith community or organization is located.

Leadership is through a Steering Committee consisting of at least one pastor and one congregant from each core member congregation. The Steering Committee meets approximately monthly. The Steering Committee will likely create other committees or task forces as needed.

UPT's goals are:

  • Encouraging high-quality schools for all
  • Combating racism
  • Improving police-community relations
  • Identifying other partners in order to increase effectiveness in the above areas
  • Seeking financing to move the above areas forward

As UPT, we hope to:

  • Listen for ways to connect, support, and encourage each other
  • Recognize and celebrate each congregation's gifts, talents, and limitations
  • Claim the value of each congregation and UPT partner in ways that support this mission
  • Seek ways to remain in regular contact within circles of mutual interest such as:
    • Fellowship over a beverage or meal;
    • Study or discussion of an agreed topic;
    • Mutual support as is typical of friends

UPT is an un-incorporated entity; it has a flexible operating structure.

Adopted June 4, 2015