UPT Pastors @ Next Church

Next Church logoWith the theme "Urban Presbyterians Together: A Model for Missional and Relational Ministry," pastors Tedd Pullano, Lynette Sparks, and John Wilkinson presented at the Next Church conference in Minneapolis MN, March 31- April 2, 2014. NEXT Church is a network of leaders across the Presbyterian Church (USA) who believe the church of the future will be more relational, more diverse, more collaborative, more hopeful and more agile.

"Facing decline and change, the ten1 congregations in the city of Rochester, New York set out on a different path, and Urban Presbyterians Together (UPT) was born. In five years they have built a model of mutual encouragement and discernment, shared mission and advocacy and now look to the future with hope and possibility. While focused on an urban setting, the model is easily transferable to all kinds of settings. We've learned that relationships matter for support and creative thinking."

Here are the slides from their presentation.


1Since this conference, one of the ten, Lakeside Presbyterian Church, has closed.