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Our facilities and resources are those of our participating congregations. We have no separate UPT office or staff. This page permits you to locate a person by committee or function and then send an e-mail message. Our volunteers asked that their phone numbers not be listed on-line.


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[+]  Steering Committee

Steve Allman Calvary St. Andrews, Laurelton
Judy Devore Brighton
David Holliday Calvary St. Andrews
John Hust South
Karen Kingsbury, Co-Chair Laurelton
Martha Langford Third
Tim Luddy Brighton
Rochelle McDaniel Trinity Emmaneul
Martha Moler Dewey
Barbara Outterson Calvary St. Andrews
Gladys Pedraza-Burgos Calvary St. Andrews
Don Pryor Third
Lynette Sparks Third
Katie Styrt Laurelton
Deborah Fae Swift South
Sue Tedesco South
John Thomas New Life
Jim Tiefenthal, Co-Chair Downtown
Saara Totterman Dewey
Pat Youngdahl Downtown
Windsor Wade Downtown
John Wilkinson Third
William Wilkinson Trinity Emmanuel

[+] Grocery Run Team

Robert Lauterbach Calvary St. Andrews
Kerrie Merz, Chair Third

[+] Music Directors of UPT Congregations

Ginny Denkin Calvary St. Andrews
Peter DuBois Third
Bethany Giebel Dewey
Alan Murphy Laurelton
Allison Thorp-Coughlin New Life and South
William Watson Trinity Emmanuel
Lee Wright Downtown
Judy Young Brighton

[+] Pastors Team

Brighton Tim Luddy
Calvary St. Andrews Steve Allman
Dewey Martha Moler
Downtown Pat Youngdahl
Laurelton Katie Styrt
New Life Deborah Fae Swift
South Deborah Fae Swift
South Jane Watt
Third Martha Langford
Third Lynette Sparks
Third John Wilkinson
Trinity Emmanuel William Wilkinson

[+] Programs and Vounteer Opportunities

Small-Group Discussion:
Great Decisions
Penny Crudup
Wednesday Worship John Wilkinson
Dining Room Ministry Robb and Nancy Adams
Dining Room Ministry Phil and Beth Tschorke
Dining Room Ministry Lynette Sparks
Calvary St. Andrew's
Food Cupboard and Mobile Pantry
Steve Allman
The Food Cupboard @ Third Kay Ramsay
Habitat @ Third Tom Gillett
Help Host RAIHN Families @ Downtown
Food preparation
Becky Parks
Help Host RAIHN Families @ Downtown
Mary Bookout
Help Host RAIHN Families @ Third Lou Loggi
Monroe Milers Nancy Allinger
Prepare and Serve a Simple Breakfast Karen Kingsbury
Sing with UPT Choirs – other topics Jim Tiefenthal
Tutor at School #3 and East High Sue Maddock
Tutor at School #35 Ike Neilson
Work with "Great Schools for All" Lynette Sparks
Work with Kids @ The Corner Place Don Boyd
Work with Kids @ The Corner Place Sarah Peters

[+] Miscellaneous

Cindy Mark Third
Beth Laidlaw ELL Tutoring
Jim Tiefenthal Web spinner


Help with E-mail

Why don't you just tell me the e-mail address?

To reduce unsolicited messages. Spammers frequently troll web sites for e-mail addresses listed in plain-text format. Therefore we're not listing any addresses, rather providing this method of contacting us.

I want to send you an attachment

You can do that. First e-mail the person. When s/he responds, you'll have the address for future reference, including sending attachments.

I want to address multiple recipients

You can do that, too, using the same method. Please contact the people separately. When they respond, you'll have their addresses for future reference.

Why do you ask me to check the box "I'm not a robot"?

We want to avoid automated responses when possible.