Tutor in City Schools

Tutoring programs at two Rochester City School District elementary schools (originally outreaches of Third Church) are open to participation by all members of our community. Tutors assist teachers with an extra hand in the classroom or work one on one with individual students to reinforce learning assignments, provide praise and special attention, or lend a listening ear.

We have about 100 dedicated tutor volunteers from UPT congregations. Everyone who has an interest in Rochester's education system and working with its children is welcome to join us.

Note also our grade 7-12 tutoring program.

Pinnacle School #35, 194 Field St., off Monroe Ave.
Nathaniel Rochester Community School #3, 85 Adams St., off Exchange south of Broad
Tutors work during the school year about 2 hours a week at a time they choose, usually with the same children each week. They are also able to choose the grade level of children they are comfortable working with
School #3: Sue Maddock, 880-4596
School #35: Ike Neilson, 281-0017