Work with "Great Schools for All"

Great Schools for All began as a handful of Presbyterians, namely our nine-congregation Urban Presbyterians Together coalition and its Urban Education Task Force.

The group's composition quickly expanded. None of us is appointed or elected by any public entity. We are neighbors and citizens, parents and grandparents, urban and suburban. We are volunteers.

On a recommendation from Bill Cala, some read the book Hope and Despair in the American City: why there are no bad schools in Raleigh, by Gerald Grant, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University. The book compares the Raleigh NC school system with that in Syracuse, which we take as similar to Rochester's situation. We went to Syracuse to talk with the author.

Enabled by a grant from the Rochester Area Community Foundation, eleven people from Rochester traveled to Raleigh in April 2014 and met with community and school leaders there. We have become ambassadors, dare we say, evangelists.

Five Raleigh leaders returned the visit in November 2014. Consensus from the Rochester attendees of that meeting led to these six working groups aimed at improving Rochester-area schools:

  1. County-wide magnet schools
  2. Summer learning
  3. Urban-Suburban expansion
  4. Regional planning and
  5. Diversity and outreach
  6. Legislation
Determined by the workgroup participants
Determined by the workgroup participants
Lynette Sparks, 271-6537 x106 or go to the Great Schools for All web site