Work with Kids @ The Corner Place

The Arts Academy at The Corner Place seeks to create a warm, inclusive, high quality arts program with opportunities for students to expand their learning through instruction from skilled teaching artists working in their chosen discipline. All elementary school students in the Upper Monroe neighborhood are eligible to participate at a nominal fee for the entire term. The Arts Academy holds classes in the Fall and Spring for roughly six to eight weeks. We hope to help our students to make artistic connections and recognize that their voices, through every medium, are appreciated and valued.

Our program relies on volunteers to provide stable, encouraging support to our students. If you have a passion for working with children, and appreciate the value that arts in education brings to further the well-being of our community as a whole, we encourage you to contact us for a possible placement during one of our semesters.

Volunteers are also needed to help coordinate fundraising and development aspects of our institution. We need individuals who are versed in outreach assistance to help us broaden our resources as well as those who are more paperwork inclined (tasks such as registration and student data entry).

New Life Presbyterian Church, 243 Rosedale St.
Three semesters, Fall, Winter, Spring, each 6-8 weeks
Don Boyd, Steering Committee Chair, 248-0657
Sarah Peters, 705-7277, Arts Academy Director