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Urban Presbyterian Together's education projects started in some congregations several decaces ago with tutoring in Rochster City School District schools. Advocacy efforts arose from the question, "Why do students continue to urgently need tutors year after year?" That question morphed into interest in the book Hope and Despair in the American City: why there are no bad schools in Raleigh, by Gerald Grant, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University.

UPT received a grant from the Rochester Area Community Foundation to fund an exchange visit between Raleigh and Rochester leaders in 2014. A Rochester group traveled to Raleigh in April. In November, a Raleigh group was in Rochester.

Althought UPT people are still engaged, this effort has become Great Schools for All and expanded beyond UPT. GS4A has its own web site and leadership team.

Our other activities include:

UPT tutoring at RCSD School #3

Tutoring at Nathanial Rochester School #3 in Corn Hill; March 2013
Right: Elaine Johnson (Downtown)

In the belief that supporting youth supports education, UPT congregations are involved with these activities:

Each of the three ministries is focused exclusively on urban youth; two are located in UPT churches; one (Cameron) is financially supported by the presbytery through grants written by UPT churches.