Tutor an ELL Student

You're sixteen years old and you've just arrived in the United States. Perhaps you came from Burma or Cuba or Somalia. You've landed in the English Language Learner (ELL) class at Vanguard Collegiate High School (in the Franklin building). You were a good student in your home language. However, your vocabulary of English words fits on one handwritten page – and you are struggling to keep up with your Algebra and World History classes.

What might keep you from drowning in the rigorous New York State Curriculum?

Tutors at Vanguard serve a number of rolls: sometimes simply reading course materials to a student, sometimes helping a student pick out nouns and verbs in sample test questions, sometimes attending a world history class to help a student understand how to take notes. However you choose to serve at Vanguard, you will be rewarded by developing a relationship with a student who benefits from knowing someone in his new country cares.

Tutor times are available at the 11:00 and 12:30 hours. You may sign up for one or two slots a week or one or two slots a month. Every hour you devote to a child in the City School District matters.

Contact: Beth Laidlaw