We're an affiliation of nine Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations in Rochester NY.

UPT tutoring opportunities at East High School

Our Presbyterian tutoring programs have been requested by the University of Rochester's Warner School implementation staff to provide volunteer tutors at the newly reorganized East High School beginning in September 2015.

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UPT church to leave PC(USA)

One of our Urban Presbyterians Together congregations, Brighton Presbyterian Church, voted Sunday, March 22, 2015 to leave the PC(USA) denomination. A Democrat and Chronicle article quoted Pastor Tim Luddy, "When it comes to issues of abortion and same-sex marriage, we believe that the Bible speaks clearly to us on that." No date was set for the separation since details are to be resolved such as what will happen to the property.

"Great Schools for All" launches web site

The volunteer effort that grew from Urban Presbyterians Together's education advocacy work, "Great Schools for All," announced its own web site. Included is information about:

  • The six working groups studying their respective focus areas with the goal of suggesting action steps at a May 5, 2015 plenary meeting
  • Resources – books, reports, multimedia – related to the topic
  • Materials and audio from the two post-Raleigh-NC-trip informational meetings

UPT Programs and Volunteer Opportunities Listed

We've added 21 such descriptions. The intent is to provide more events together than we can separately. Why should we invent a new program when an excellent one exists at a sister congregation? More …

Downtown Welcomes Homeless during Cold Weather

UPT congregation Downtown Presbyterian opened its gymnasium January 12 for people recently displaced when the city of Rochester closed "tent city." Church Session (board) member Bonnie Lloyd wrote in a Democrat and Chronicle guest essay, "Until we recognize that homelessness is everybody's problem, that its causes are rooted in social, economic and political challenges shared by all, we will continue to slide down that slippery slope that begins with the denial of the essential humanity of every individual. It is a very dangerous slope."

Lakeside Presbyterian Closes

Lakeside Presbyterian Church buildingOne of our UPT congregations, Lakeside Presbyterian Church, 75 Stutson Street, held its last worship service December 28, 2014.

With concurrence of the UPT joint core- and pastor teams in October 2014, the Presbytery of Genesee Valley agreed to form an administrative commission to explore other options for ministry from the Lakeside building. The daycare center continues operation.

UPT Advocates for Police Body Cameras

UPT pastors and non-clergy leaders resolved to advocate for Rochester police to wear body cameras. They wrote community leaders: "We support calls within the community to equip the Rochester police force with body cameras. We believe the police should be able to produce a record of police-citizen interaction in the same way citizens now produce cell-phone video of the actions of the police." More …

Raleigh NC Trip Highlighted

UPT's fourth annual education evening highlighted the progress of advocacy to improve urban education. More …

Katrina HebbMeet UPT Intern Katrina Hebb

A second-year seminary student at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Katrina Hebb chose UPT for her supervised ministry because she wanted to experience a different model for ministry. More …

Donate to the UPT School-Supplies Program

We're collecting your donations, which supplement what schools and teachers are able to supply. More …