We're an affiliation of ten Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations in Rochester NY.

UPT Advocates for Police Body Cameras

UPT pastors and non-clergy leaders resolved to advocate for Rochester police to wear body cameras. They wrote community leaders: "We support calls within the community to equip the Rochester police force with body cameras. We believe the police should be able to produce a record of police-citizen interaction in the same way citizens now produce cell-phone video of the actions of the police." More …

Overview of meeting room

Raleigh NC Trip Highlighted

UPT's fourth annual education evening highlighted the progress of advocacy to improve urban education. More …

Meet UPT Intern Katrina Hebb

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Donate to the UPT School-Supplies Program

We're collecting your donations, which supplement what schools and teachers are able to supply. More …

UPT Picnic

More than 50 people attended our August 24, 2014. Only one of our ten was not represented; that congregation was hosting its own neighborhood event.

UPT picnic: grilling, serving lunch, South Presbyterian's T-shirt indicating their relocation

UPT Picnic at Rochester's Ontario Beach Park